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Year 6

Year 6

This stage is specially designed for Young Learners
  • Aged 10 years and above.
  • For children who have an elementary level of English.
  • For children who already have a good grasp of the English language.
Your child is not really a child anymore? They are probably intrigued and mesmerized by the digital world by now. They may also start to have the need to talk about a problem they may have in school and they seem to be having a more active social life. Birthday parties and hanging out with friends are gaining importance in their lives and you’re catching them watching video clips on the Internet. By now, your tween needs more language to socialize with the real world. Our Year 6 learners are introduced to authentic texts like newspapers, magazines and even the Internet where they are expected to research and summarize information.

This course is specially designed and written for children preparing to move on to the Year 7 course.

Some exceptional features of the course
  • Introduces a huge variety of themes to children on festivals, amazing people and facts around the world.
  • Adrenaline filled activities to motivate and inspire your tween.
  • Develops children into independent learners.
  • We use original titles from Cambridge University Press specially written for Year 6 learners. 
  • Expect to learn with multi-ethnic learners from diverse cultural background.
By the end of the Year 6 and Year 7 courses, your child is rewarded with an internationally recognised certificate and they CAN achieve the following abilities:

Listening and Speaking
  • CAN say that they do not understand something or cannot do something, and ask for help, using expressions such as ‘Could you say it again, please?’.
  • CAN talk about a problem in simple terms.
  • CAN arrange with friends to do something or play together.
  • CAN make and respond to invitations, suggestions, apologies and requests.
  • CAN understand audio and video clips used in the English lesson.
  • CAN talk briefly about things they have done, for example about their favourite holiday.
Reading and Writing
  • CAN understand longer texts about everyday topics, even if they do not know all the words.
  • CAN use a dictionary to help them understand a word they do not know.
  • CAN write a short message on a postcard or in an email.
  • CAN write about how they feel and give reasons why, in simple sentences.
  • CAN write short dialogues, for example in speech bubbles, picture stories, comics.
  • CAN make up a story in English using ideas, pictures or words that the teacher gives them.

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