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Year 4

Year 4

This stage is specially designed for young learners
  • Aged 8 years and above.
  • Has some foundation in English.
  • Would like to learn English at an international level.
It is time to move on to longer reading and writing texts! By the time your child reaches this stage, they would be between 8 to 10 years old! They start to agree and disagree with you and ask a million questions – almost anything under the stars. At the Year 4 level, your child is trained to express themselves fluently in English.

Young learners at this level are guided through self-directed learning. Gone are the days when the teacher stands in front of the classroom telling your children what to do. Instead, your children are given the opportunity to direct their own learning. Every child comes in to class with some knowledge and it is time to draw this hidden knowledge in them.

By the end of the Year 4 and Year 5 courses, your children CAN achieve the following abilities:

Listening and Speaking
  • CAN agree or disagree with someone, using phrases such as ‘I think so’, ‘You are right’, ‘I don’t think so’.
  • CAN ask questions and use fixed expressions, such as ‘How much is/are ...?’, ‘What’s the matter?’, ‘I’m good at
  • CAN understand when somebody talks about their family or friends in simple sentences.
  • CAN ask somebody about how they are and what they like doing and answer similar questions.
  • CAN understand instructions given by the teacher in the classroom, such as ‘You must do this’, ‘Take off your coats’.
  • CAN ask questions about school activities, for example classroom tasks, homework, holidays.
Reading and Writing
  • CAN understand simple sentences if they read them slowly and several times.
  • CAN write simple sentences, using words given to them.
  • CAN understand simple stories and shorter texts with the help of pictures and drawings.
  • CAN write about what they like doing in their free time, using words given to them.
  • CAN understand signs and simple notices.
  • CAN continue a story or text that has been started in English or add words that are missing.

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