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Year 3

Year 3

This stage is specially designed for young learners
  • Aged 6 years and above.
  • Has basic foundation in English.
  • Ready to learn English at an international level.
  • At the end of this course, young learners sit for the Cambridge English YLE examination to test their ability in English proficiency. 
Young learners are fast learners and at the Year 3 level, they are prepared through a carefully thought out curriculum which prepares them for the Cambridge YLE Starters Test.

By the end of the Year 2 and Year 3 courses, your children CAN achieve the following abilities:

Listening and Speaking
  • CAN understand simple sentences about things around them, like ‘This is a chair’, ‘I like my school’, ‘That’s my pen’.
  • CAN respond to personal questions on topics such as age, family and their home.
  • CAN understand simple expressions of communication, such as ‘Hello’, ‘How are you?’, ‘Thank you’.
  • CAN respond to simple expressions of communication with ‘Yes, please’, ‘Sorry’, ‘I don’t understand’.
  • CAN understand and follow simple classroom instructions given by the teacher, such as ‘Open your book’, ‘Read the question’, ‘Listen to me’.
  • CAN listen to and repeat words and phrases appropriate to the level after their teacher.
Reading and Writing
  • CAN recognise the letters of the English alphabet.
  • CAN write the letters of the English alphabet and spell their name and simple words.
  • CAN read short, simple words and the names of some objects, such as animals, toys, clothes.
  • CAN write simple sentences about themselves and their family.
  • CAN understand simple written instructions, for example how they should do an exercise in their coursebook.
  • CAN recognise and copy words, phrases and short sentences from a text, a book, or the board in the classroom.

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